Roof Cleaning

Turn to us for roof cleaning services in Loganville, GA

Turn to us for roof cleaning services in Loganville, GA

Keep Your Roof in Good Shape

Is your roof covered in dirt, grime or moss? You don't have to put up with a dirty roof. Hire Exterior Cleaning Solutions for roof cleaning services instead. We'll use a high-powered cleaning system and safe chemicals during your soft washing service. This is our preferred method because it removes tough stains and dirt without damaging your surfaces.

The most effective method of cleaning algae, moss, unsightly streaks and discoloration from a roof is with a mixture of bleach, water and surfactant. We use a blend manifold and a low pressure softwash system that allows us to command the desired ratio of the cleaner applied to the roof. We take proper precautions to protect landscaping and surrounding areas from the cleaning solution. We value your plants and vegetation as if we paid to have them planted.

We also use appropriate PPE when working with the cleaner. If you're thinking of tackling this job yourself, knock yourself out and good luck but here's a good tip. Never use a pressure washer to clean an asphalt shingle roof as this will cause granule loss and very likely premature failure of the roof system. This is where we come in with our low pressure softwash system (under 60 psi). It is perfect for roof cleaning. Think of the softwash system as a big adjustable backpack sprayer with the flow rate of a household water hose. it is virtually impossible to damage the roof/shingles with this system. 99% of the time it is better to leave this service up to a professional.

After this service is performed any remaining algae and moss will disappear and wash away with subsequent rains. In severe cases, it may take more than one bleach treatment to kill all of the organic growth. You need not worry about the cleaning solution itself damaging or altering the structure of your shingles.

We offer soft washing services for your metal, tile or asphalt roof in Loganville, GA and Northeastern Atlanta. Plan your project today.

Jot down our price list

You can trust our team to complete your roof cleaning service the right way. Before setting up your appointment, consider our price list:

One-story home that is less than 2000 square feet: $500
Two-story homes that are less than 2000 square feet: $350
Two-story home that's larger than 2000 square feet: $450
Homes that are larger than 2000 square feet: $600 minimum

If you have any questions about our roof cleaning services, please call 770-310-2065. Our friendly associates will be happy to help you plan your project.

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